BOMB 104 Summer 2008

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Catherine Sullivan and Meg Stuart

‘It’s an odd thing to describe what your art is when so many of your desires are mediated through the desires of others.” Catherine Sullivan

Will Eno by Joe Sola
Eno 01 Body

“ This is what I like about the world. It just keeps asking you, ‘Here is another aspect. Do you see it? Are you listening?’”

Kalup Linzy
Linzy 01 Body
Boredoms by Hisham Akira Bharoocha
Boredoms 01 Body

“It’s the timing of the questioning that’s important—its depth, duration, repetition—as I think about these things, those signals become a time-based art, and get closer to music.”

Dara Birnbaum by Barbara Schröder & Karen Kelley
Birnbaum 06 Body
James Timberlake by Deven Golden
Timberlake 01 Body

“People define iconic buildings as being these singular things that transform everything else around them.” James Timberlake 

Peter Saul by Saul Ostrow
Saul 01 Body

“ I don’t trust myself to get by in the art world if I’m not provocative. I don’t think I could get away with doing stripes or circles because I wouldn’t have a convincing argument to back it up.”

Mike Davis by Lucy Raven
Davis 01 Body

“Border crossing from a sort of artisan industry dominated by small entrepreneurs—coyotes—into an increasingly large-scale industry integrated and controlled by the super-violent narco cartels.”

First Proof

Excerpt from The Shanghai Gesture by Gary Indiana

Smith goosed the accelerator with his snake-skin espadrilles.

Maag & Minetti: City Stories by Keller+Kuhn

Thread Counter

Fiona Maazel by Justin Taylor
Fiona Maazel

Fiona Maazel on her second novel, Woke Up Lonely, and how its apocalyptic themes of loneliness and emotional isolation are reflected in its unique, fractured structure.

No Sparkly Pens, Please by Sally Dawidoff

No Sparkly Pens, Please

Verbs. Label each verb Action or Linking.

Patriots by Patrick Dacey

Right around the time the war on terror began, I thought, Does Donna really need so many friggin’ flags? 

Three Poems by Tom Healy

Gioconda on Seventh Avenue

She entered the diner as if

Two Poems by Vincent Katz


One side in haze, One in that painted blue erects the sky,

House by Karen Walker Thompson

BOMB’s 2007 Fiction Prize Winner, selected by judge Amy Hempel.

Joe Fyfe by Marjorie Welish
Fyfe 01

Marjorie Welish on the work of Joe Fyfe.

Artists On Artists

Tristan Perich by Michèle Gerber Klein

At 25, Tristan Perich is obsessed with machines; music has been a part of his life since he was conscious. 

Charles Goldman by B. Wurtz
Charles Goldman 01

B. Wurtz on the ambiguousness sculptor Charles Goldman aims for between “where his art ends and the rest of the world begins.”

Leslie Hewitt by Whitfield Lovell
Leslie Hewitt 01

Lovell takes on Leslie Hewitt’s smart and elegant work that probes the boundaries of photography and sculpture.

Editor's Choice

Matias Viegener & Christine Wertheim’s The /n/oulipian Analects by Tom La Farge

If you’re interested in the writing practices associated with Oulipo (founded in 1960, it has included Raymond Queneau, Harry Mathews, Italo Calvino, and Georges Perec), you’ll want this book recording a 2005 conference on the poetics of constraint. 

William E. Jones’s Tearoom by Roberto Tejada
​William E. Jones

On June 23, 1962, in Mansfield, Ohio, the brutal murder of two young girls led to the arrest of Jerrell R. Howell, who admitted to the killings after a struggle to force them “to perform oral sodomy.” 

Crystal Castles by Nicole Steinberg
Crystal Castles

Sonic desperation. 

Deborah Baker’s A Blue Hand: The Beats in India by Betsy Sussler
​Allen Ginsberg in Benares

While Deborah Baker’s packed compendium does indeed tell stories of the Beats in India and more—Corso’s confessions of unrequited love, Burroughs’s surly brushes with sex and death, Kerouac’s ad hoc pronouncements on writing and marriage—Ginsberg is the protagonist of this lush tale. 

Vertov from Z to A edited by Peggy Ahwesh & Keith Sanborn by Lucy Raven
Dziga Vertov

Hiding at the end of Vertov from Z to A, the thought-provoking new title co-edited by the filmmakers Peggy Ahwesh and Keith Sanborn, is the book’s “Forward!” It not only introduces the premise—an investigation of a single frame of Dziga Vertov’s Man With a Movie Cameraby a wide-ranging group of artists, writers, and filmmakers—but also acts as the project’s manifesto.

Perverted by Language: Fiction Inspired by The Fall by Nick Stillman
Ec Perverted1 Copy Body

Like the Velvet Underground, the Beach Boys, or the Stooges, The Fall is one of those pop bands that inspires breathless devotion and oceans of superlatives. 

Chris Metzier and Jeff Springer’s Plagues & Pleasures on the Salton Sea by Williams Cole
Salton 01

Plagues & Pleasures on the Salton Sea is a darkly comedic documentary about a little known body of water found in the strange inland environs to the east of LA. 

Janet Sarbanes’s Army of One by Rachel Kushner
Ec Army Copy Body

In the title story of Janet Sarbanes’s stingingly funny fiction debut, a character starts her own army as a way of separating from a lover and consolidating “self.” 

J. Reuben Appelman’s Make Loneliness by Iris Smyles
Makeloneliness Cover Copy Body

J. Reuben Appelman’s haunting poetry is a seduction, a balance sheet of individual experience, and a cosmic echo.