BOMB 116 Summer 2011

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Francis Alÿs by Carla Faesler

After a lunch consisting of meatballs, rice, and lemonade, Francis Alÿs coordinates the afternoon plans for his son Elliot. The main activity is soccer practice, but Alÿs determines it’d be best to get to homework right away.

Mickalene Thomas by Sean Landers
Mickalene Thomas 1

I met Mickalene Thomas a decade ago at the Yale University School of Art and liked her instantly. She was a standout for her energy, drive, open–mindedness, and raw talent. For this interview I visited her in her Brooklyn studio where we were surrounded by a half dozen or so of her new paintings in various stages of development.

Binyavanga Wainaina by Rob Spillman
Binyavanga Wainaina

Kenyan writer Binyavanga Wainaina is inexhaustible, a public intellectual very much engaged with the literary and political worlds. His memoir, One Day I Will Write About This Place, published this July by Graywolf Press, chronicles the multiplicity of his middle-class African childhood: home squared, we call it, your clan, your home, the nation of your origin.

Simon Van Booy & Siri Hustvedt
Simon Van Booy

Novelists Siri Hustvedt and Simon Van Booy compare notes on topics ranging from temporal perception to “the soup of unconscious life” from which fictional characters arise.

Natalia Almada by Chris Chang
Natalia Almada 1

Note to the adventurous globe-trotter: If you happen to be looking for ground zero of the Mexican drug wars, Culiacán, capital of the northern state of Sinaloa, may be just the place for you.

Joanna Newsom by Roy Harper
Joanna Newsom 1

I first learned of Joanna Newsom when I read a review in the UK’s Observer six years ago. I was initially struck by her beauty, and I was inspired by knowing that she was “in the world.”

Scott Shepherd by Richard Maxwell
Scott Shepherd 1

I have seen Scott Shepherd perform many times as a core member in two of my favorite New York theater companies—Elevator Repair Service and The Wooster Group.

First Proof

Books by Quim Monzó

This First Proof contains the short story “Books,” by Quim Monzó, translated by Peter Bush.

Monsters of the Deep by Elissa Schappell

This First Proof contains the short story “Monsters of the Deep,” by Elissa Schappell.

My Life with Cars by Erica Hunt

This First Proof contains the short story “My Life with Cars,” by Erica Hunt.

Candor by Anne Carson

A poem made for Roni Horn out of the titles of five of her sculptures.

Poems by Sarah V. Schweig

This First Proof contains four poems by Sarah V. Schw

Portfolio: From Various Music For a While by Elena Berriolo
Elena Berriolo 1

This First Proof contains two pieces by Elena Berriolo, from Various Music For a While.

Artists on Artists

David Shapiro by John Haskell

 David Shapiro, whose show Money Is No Object was on view at the Sue Scott Gallery this spring, has created a group of vellum scrolls on which he has placed the bills and receipts and ticket stubs he’s collected over the course of a year. 

Michael Williams by Steve DiBenedetto
Michael Williams 01

The first painting I ever saw by Michael Williams was called Hippie. I was in Miami for the damn art fair where I had some work up in the year of the absolute worst economic climate—2008? 

Rachel Hovnanian by Mimi Thompson
Rachel Hovnovian 5 Bomb Body

Although beauty’s fragile existence indicates its imminent end, our culture seems determined to keep youth’s flawless face and undeniable power on extended loan.

Editor's Choice

Attenberg by Clinton Krute

In Attenberg, filmmaker Athina Rachel Tsangari tells the story of a young woman’s coming-of-age while highlighting the political situation in Greece and the age-old clash between our human and animal instincts.

Barbara Henning’s Looking Up Harryette Mullen: Interviews on Sleeping with the Dictionary and Other Works by Patricia Spears Jones
Harryette Mullen 01

Barbara Henning’s sprawling volume underlines the joy of old-fashioned, mail correspondence and features a thorough and revealing interview with Harryette Mullen.

Salomon Contemporary: 112 Greene Street by Saul Ostrow
112 Greene 01

Salomon Contemporary’s 112 Greene Street: A Nexus of Ideas in the Early 70s revives the spirit of the post-Minimalism SoHo hub by exhibiting the broad range of ideas birthed there.

Alan Uglow (1941–2011) by Saul Ostrow
Alan Uglow 01

A tribute to the late British-American abstract painter from one of BOMB’s founders.

Via Negativa: Out by Katy Gray
Via Negativa 01

Slovenia-based performing arts project Via Negativa explores the sin of pride in its experimental performance, Out.

Cihan Kaan’s Halal Pork and Other Stories by Amiel Alcalay
Cihan Kaan 01

Cihan Kaan’s Halal Pork and Other Stories is a near-future whirlwind of contemporary geopolitics blended with fantastical story telling that is humorous, well-written, and dizzying.

George Kimball’s and John Schulian’s At the Fights: American Writers on Boxing by Rochelle Feinstein
Rochelle Feinstein 01

Painter Rochelle Feinstein on Library of America’s wonderful collection of essays chronicling a diverse array of topics related to boxing, both in and out of the ring.

David Trinidad’s A Fast Life: The Collected Poems of Tim Dlugos by Raphael Rubinstein
Tim Dlugos 01

Oft over-looked poet Tim Dlugos finally gets a proper compilation, a hulking volume of his self-descriptive brand of poetry.

Red Lemonade, a Cursor Publishing Community by Paul W. Morris
Red Lemonade 01

Innovative fiction imprint Red Lemonade uses Cursor technology to connect writers to one another and to create a system of manuscript review that empowers both established and up-and-coming authors.