BOMB 45 Fall 1993

045 Fall 1993
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Bernard Cooper by Benjamin Weissman

With his distinctive sense of humor, Bernard Cooper reflects on moments of self-awareness from his growing up Jewish and gay to making the transition from an artist to writer.

Rob Weiss by Susan Shacter
Rob Weiss 02 Bomb 045

First-time director Rob Weiss tells photographer Susan Shacter about his overnight success and the real-life experience that made his film Among Friends so important for him to write.

Gary Lang by Saul Ostrow
Gary Lang 01 Bomb 045

Gary Lang tells Saul Ostrow how his paintings have a healing effect; he sees them as a transference of love.

Han Ong by Jessica Hagedorn
Ong 01

Novelist, playwright, and MacArthur Genius Grant recipient Han Ong has a lively discussion with Jessica Hagedorn about the marginalization of artists of color, his childhood in Manila, and his rapid rise to fame.

Mike Bidlo by Anney Bonney
Bidlo 01

Michael Bidlo shares his relation to the “masters” as a copyist of the Modernist canon and at times looses himself in the process, not sure even of his own voice or thoughts at times.

Trisha Brown by Yvonne Rainer
Brown 01 Body

Two legends of dance and choreographer discuss improvisation, solo work, and producing different kinds of tension.

Gus Van Sant by Gary Indiana
Van Sant 01

Gary Indiana talks to venerated filmmaker and writer Gus Van Sant, director of films such as My Own Private Idaho and Drugstore Cowboy, before the release of Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.

Francine Prose by Deborah Eisenberg
​Francine Prose 1

Francine Prose and Deborah Eisenberg have a candid chat about the roles animals play in her fiction, among other things. Prose’s new novel, My New American Life is available now.

Chen Kaige by Peggy Chiao & Lawrence Chua
Kaige 01

As a member of the Fifth Generation, Chen Kaige was key in reintroducing Chinese cinema to the world. Here he talks to Lawrence Chua and Peggy Chaio on the set of what was to become his most well-known film, Farewell My Concubine.

First Proof

Still Life With Books by Simon Lane

I dream of Paris a good deal here in Tamarama.

Betrayal by Hilary Sio

All Souls’ Day, November 2nd, 1990.

Five Days by Max Blagg

In the winter of 1971, as a mandatory phase of my ongoing homage to the Beat generation, I hit the highway out of New York, bound for San Francisco, “See America First” the motto tattooed on my backpack …

Four Poems by David Mamet

Labor Day

‘Marah’ from ‘bitter’ in the prophets’ tongue

Three Poems by Dael Orlandersmith

  124th st. & back door nigger rhythm (not the rhythm M.

All Data is Raw by Elena Alexander
Paul Thek 01

You know how far glass flies when it shatters. 

Dark Ice by Thomas Bolt

I’ve stood on thinner sheets. Took crunching walks

tongues of many tongues: Filipino Poetry by Luis Francia

The gunshot marriage between the Philippines and imperial America lasted barely less than half a century, from 1898 to 1946, but that union—bizarre, unjust, rarely felicitous—meant the imposition/introduction of yet another Western tongue to those islands.

Two Poems by Ricardo M. de Ungria

Half-mad in half-illumination
lives the city’s unborn portion.

Two Poems by Emmanuel Lacaba

Pateros Blues

All I the brat of eight the brat of Death

Two Poems by Ma. Luisa Aguilar-Cariño

You seek her out in the noonday sun,

Two Poems by Danton Remoto

Corpus Delicti
(After the Sandiganbayan decision on the Aquino assassination)

Two Poems by Lina Sagaral Reyes

First Lesson
I apprentice to an old woman

Two Poems by Alfred A. Yuson

It wasn’t as if he made it a habit / looking over other manly shoulders.

A Brief History of Correspondence Art by Ray Johnson
Ray Johnson1
Two Drawings by Bruce Conner
Bomb 45 Conner1 Body
The Cross of Charavaca by Chelo Amezcua
Bomb 45 Amezcua1 Body