BOMB 83 Spring 2003

BOMB 083
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Paul Pfeiffer by Jennifer Gonzalez
Pfeiffer 01 Body

Winner of the Whitney Museum’s first Bucksbaum award in 2000, Paul Pfeiffer has received attention over the last few years for his provocative digital video production.

Pat Steir by Anne Waldman
Steir 01 Body

Pat Steir has been at the forefront of American painting for a number of years. She seems ageless. Her role as female literal painter takes on epic proportions

Tom Sachs by Jon Kessler
Sachs 01 Body

This conversation took place on the occasion of Tom Sachs’s recent exhibition at the Bohen Foundation in the meatpacking district of New York. Nutsy’s is a commissioned work that will travel to the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin later this year. 

Marie Ponsot by Benjamin Ivry
Ponsot 01 Body

Born in 1921 in Jamaica, Queens, Marie Ponsot published her first book of poems, True Minds(1957), in the legendary City Lights poetry series, which also included Allen Ginsberg’s Howl and Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s A Coney Island of the Mind. I

Steven Millhauser by Jim Shepard

I first met Steven Millhauser some 16 years ago, when, with my friend Ed Hirsch along as a somewhat disinterested coconspirator, I induced Steven to meet us at the Russian Tea Room.

Meshell Ndegeocello by Marc Anthony Thompson
Meshell 01 Body

I might as well tell you straight up: I’m in love with Meshell Ndegeocello. I also should admit that I kind of slept on her exploits until I got to know her a little bit. Now I can’t imagine not knowing her or her music.

David Greenspan by Steven Drukman
Greenspan 01 Body

Even among that vibrant flock of downtown New York performer-playwrights (Wallace Shawn, Eric Bogosian, Holly Hughes), David Greenspan sticks out as a rare bird.

Neil LaBute by Jon Robin Baitz
Labute 04 Body

In a letter to Mrs. Patrick Campbell, written in November 1912, George Bernard Shaw cleverly described himself as follows: “He will fill his fountain pen with your heart’s blood, and sell your most sacred emotions on the stage.

Artists on Artists
Steve DiBenedetto by Dike Blair
Dibenedetto 1

Steve DiBenedetto forces a lot of perspectives into his pictures. As he puts it, “I like to put in too many skies.” 

Doug Aitken by Dannielle Tegeder
​Doug Aitken 01

Nearly six years ago, after a long day of wandering Chelsea in a daze, I walked into 303 Gallery looking for a good painting show and instead had my first Aitken encounter. 

Diana Cooper by Shirley Kaneda & Saul Ostrow
Diana Cooper 01

Diana Cooper’s work is a high-wire act.

Richard Rezac by Thomas Nozkowski
Richard Rezac 01

Thomas Nozkowski on how Richard Rezac’s sculptures manage to balance eccentricity and concept with accessibility and familiarity.

First Proof
Bride of Angels by Maryam Mortaz

Shoka slipped the ticket into her coat pocket and left the cinema. 

Seymour Rising by Peter Orner

In the plum, thickly carpeted, overly waitered dining room of the Standard Club of Chicago, my grandfather and my father are finishing lunch. 

The Middle of the Night by Daniel Stolar

My mother died in the middle of the night. In my mind’s eye, I see it like the lights turning off in an old factory, shutting down one circuit bank at a time, an electric hum the only thing remaining.

The Tears of Cortés by MJR Montoya

Montezuma II sacrificed a baby giraffe that was given to Hernán Cortés just before his conquest of the New World.

What You Eat by Ben Ehrenreich

When I was a boy, my father always told me, “If you kill something, boy, you’ve got to eat it.” It’s the way of the world, he’d tell me, and only right and just besides. 

Four Stories by Diane Williams

To get back to my success, I am easily upset. They think I am afraid of this kind of thing.

Two Poems by Indran Amirthanayagam
Editor's Choice
Aki Kaurismäki’s Man Without a Past (Mies Vailla Menneisyyttä) by Nell McClister
Aki Kaurismäki 01

Evoking both sympathy and alienation, filmmaker Aki Kaurismäki portrays the Finnish lowerclass through an amnesiac’s eyes in Man Without a Past.

Lee Jaffe’s One Love by Nate Cunningham
Bob Marley 01

Filmmaker Lee Jaffe switches media to produce a book on the story of Bob Marley’s band The Wailers and the history of reggae music.

Pulseprogramming by Lucy Raven
Pulseprogramming 01

Pulseprogramming’s fourth album is not just an audio experience: listeners also get to view video art designed for a live performance of “Don’t Swell Up Your Glass Pocket” and construct their own model farmhouse from the liner notes.

Tempting: Jenny Toomey Sings the Songs of Franklin Bruno by David Krasnow

David Krasnow redefines the word “standard” with his recommendation of Jenny Toomey’s husky-breathy and well-timed performance of Franklin Bruno’s songs.

Julie Langsam by Saul Ostrow
Julie Langsam 01

Painter Julie Langsam suggests the failures of two artistic movements—Romanticism and modernism—through her use of non-traditional landscape styles.

Allen Frame’s Detour by Bernard Yenelouis
Allen Frame 01

Allen Frame’s art book Detour is an elegant high-art photo album that chronicles everyday lives from Brooklyn to Budapest, São Paolo to St. Petersburg, on a first-name basis.

Guillermo Kuitca by Marjorie Welish
​Guillermo Kuitca 01

Marjorie Welish explores the theoretical implications of Guillermo Kuitca’s large-scale paintings of imagined CD covers for his favorite recordings of Wagner’s Ring Cycle.

Carlo Rotella’s Good with Their Hands: Boxers, Bluesmen, and Other Characters from the Rust Belt by Lawrence Chua
Carlo Rotella 01

Meet psych major and boxer Liz McGonigal, bluesman and entrepreneur Buddy Guy, and cops-turned-muses Eddie Egan and Sonny Grosso in Carlo Rotella’s anthology of blue-collar life stories Good with Their Hands.

Edward Carey’s Alva & Irva: The Twins who Saved a City by Patrick McGrath

Edward Carey’s whimsical and affecting novel Alva & Irva is the story of twins who create a tiny city only to have it racked by an earthquake.

ZZ Packer’s Drinking Coffee Elsewhere by Victoria Ludwin

The characters in ZZ Packer’s story collection Drinking Coffee Elsewhere cope with the tension between wanting to escape and yearning to be included.

Nutsy’s by Tom Sachs
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